Hi, I'm JC. I'm a full-stack developer living in Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently employed at Jackson Spalding, a marketing/communications agency. JS is an amazing place to work and is full of wonderfully talented people.

I started out building static websites back in the late 90's, oh how things have changed. From there I got into PHP and MySQL. College taught me object-oriented programming with Java. I took those skills and worked them into my PHP world. I've dabbled in other languages like Ruby and Python, but I do a lot of work with Drupal and Wordpress, so I'm still heavily involved in PHP. Of course CSS and Javascript have always been with me on this journey. Although I haven't written raw CSS in a long time, I'm Sassy! I'm fascinated with Javascript frameworks, but everytime I learn one a new one comes along. Node is always exciting to work with. I found Meteor to be quite amazing. I've done mobile development in Titanium Appcelerator, Android Studio, and Swift. I really enjoyed developing with Swift, but it's been awhile now.

So I guess that's the quick and dirty version of my professional life. Of course I enjoy other things as well. I play the guitar, ukulele and drums. I skateboard, the short and long version. I was into inline skating in the 90's, skateparks and all. I played a lot of roller hockey, would still love to play. I play basketball, volleyball and table tennis regularly. I like playing tennis too, even darts. I still do some of the things I did when I was a kid, like play with legos and paint with acrylics. I enjoy fighting my genetics by lifting heavy weights. Exercise and nutrition are both pretty big parts of my life cause that's the best medicine. That's all!

me as a pirate