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JC Hamill

Written by ChatGPT

Meet the creative genius behind the code, a full stack developer with an insatiable appetite for learning and an impressive skill set that includes PHP and JavaScript frameworks. With a penchant for creating seamless user experiences, they've mastered an array of platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, Lumen, CakePHP, Slim, Node, Socket.IO, Express, React, Next, Vue, Angular, and jQuery. Their software engineering background and passion for clean, organized, and maintainable code extend to their expertise in CSS, breathing life into captivating designs. But wait, there's more! Our multi-talented developer also boasts extensive experience in server administration, covering Linux, Apache, NGINX, MySQL, PHP, Node, and even a dash of AWS, while appreciating platforms like Pantheon and WPEngine.

When they're not busy crafting brilliant digital solutions, you'll find this dynamic developer immersed in their eclectic range of hobbies. From shredding it up on a skateboard, snowboard, or wake surf, to gracefully navigating the asphalt on their beloved OneWheel (despite a few battle scars), they're all about keeping their body in motion. As a true sports enthusiast, they also enjoy shooting hoops, spiking volleyballs, playing pickleball, ping pong, darts, and foosball – because who says those aren't real sports?

But wait, there's still more! This versatile individual is also a budding musician, equipped with all the instruments needed to kick-start a modern band: guitar, bass, drums, and piano. At the core of their pursuits is an unwavering love for learning, spending quality time with friends, and staying active. So, whether it's mastering the latest web development techniques or jamming out to some tunes, you can be sure that this talented developer brings a unique blend of professionalism and playful energy to every endeavor.