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A Multiplayer Card Game

Trips Mobile Comps


This project was born from the pandemic. All my friends were in lockdown and I felt the isolation fast. I decided to create this game so we could all play together. It's basically the card game 31, but me and my friends call it Trips. I had a playable game within a week but continued to add features throughout the year. We played it almost every Thursday night throughout the pandemic. We'd all join a video conference and play on our phones or computers. It gave everyone something to look forward to and kept us all connected while we were locked down. I don’t think I can possibly communicate how much this game meant to us during the pandemic. And it is still used today when we are out and about without a deck of cards.


I built this project with node, express, and socket.io. The UI is actually jQuery of all things. I would like to refactor it and use React or Vue, but it's surprisingly performant with the heavy use of cached jQuery selectors and efficient UI updates.