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Lists for you, your friends, or the world. Perfect for bucket lists, movies to watch, personal or shared todo lists. Build a public or private list and start checking things off. Or build a group list to collaborate with friends.

My friends and I usually create a bucket list for special occasions, and for the entire month of October. I initially built a simple app for Spooky SZN (October), all items hardcoded, but allowed users to individually mark items complete. I shared this with all my friends so they could use it. Then I wanted to make it more re-usable for other occasions and this project grew from there. I use it for my grocery list, todo items, songs I want to learn, gift ideas for family, even used it to keep score for putt-putt.


I built this project with Vue on the frontend and Lumen on the backend. It seems simple at first, but there’s a lot to it. The app itself is a PWA with authentication, access control, file uploads, and client-side caching.

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